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What equipment do I need?

The style of fencing we practice at the Aros Historical Fencing Guild is called Blossfechten, or “naked fighting”. This is the style fencing that would be practiced when wearing little more than civilian attire. As a result we don’t use medieval armour and normal sportsgear works just fine. That being said we do wear (modern) protective equipment to avoid injury when practicing.

If you want to practice longsword fencing, you need at least:

  • A (blunt) longsword


     A fencing mask 



    A fencing jacket

    AP jacket

      Fencing gloves


All of these items can be borrowed from the club if you are a new member. If you want to buy your own equipment and want advice on what to buy we recommend you have a look at our equipment guide or ask one of the trainers: 

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